EDTC 300, Learning Project



This week I have decided to learn colour terms in the Cree Language. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, it’s actually more complex than it sounds. I ended up doing a lot more research and learning a lot more than I thought I would this week!

So far, I feel that videos and audio clips are helping me the best to learn the language and use proper pronunciation. I began this week by looking for videos on YouTube. I came across two that I felt were very effective in helping me learn the colour terms.

They are listed here:

Cree Colour Song

Colours in Cree audio clip

When I came across the Colours in Cree audio clip, I noticed two columns…”Inanimate” and “Animate”. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?! I felt very confused and unsure of what to do. I needed to find out some background information to get things figured out.


I ended up coming across a Cree Literacy website. This website had all the answers to my problems!

Some things I learnt from this website are:

  • In English, we learn to name our colours just as we name shapes and animals. Cree works differently. WHO KNEW!
  • In Cree, colour terms are actually verbs, therefore we need to know both animate and inanimate forms for each colour.


This chart shows the differences for each colour term based on if its in prefix form, animate verb form or inanimate verb form.

Once I gained an understanding about the way colour terms worked in Cree, I decided to learn the terms in inanimate verb form. I did a short recording to demonstrate my learning.

Along with the videos I shared above, I also came across a few children’s books in which teach colours in Cree if anyone is interested in bringing this learning into their classroom.

Black Bear, Red Fox

Brown Eagle, Brown Eagle, Where Are You?


Overall, I think this has been the most challenging week. It was frustrating and confusing at times but in the end its an exciting process of learning something new.

One thing that inspired me to continue on and to not give up was the quote posted on the Cree Literacy website…

“miywâsin, kîspin ta-kakwê-nisitohtamêk êkwa mîna ta-kakwê-mitoni-wîcihisoyêk anima, ôma nêhiyawêwin kîspin kinôhtê-kiskêyihtênâwâw”

“There is value indeed in trying to understand the Cree language and also in trying to study it in earnest if you want to learn it”

I feel more motivated than even to continue on with my language learning and look forward to sharing it with all of my future students!


nisto (3) …nîso (2) …pêyak (1) …GO!!!

EDTC 300, Learning Project


This week I am learning TO COUNT IN CREE!!! YUPEEE!

This is something I really wanted to learn because its something that can be used in every day life. This week I used the Cree FHQTC App to learn the numbers in Cree. This App is extremely helpful as it provides many different features to assist with language learning.

Here are some of the features that assisted me in learning numbers:


Cree FHQTC: Numbers


LEARN: This feature provides the number (visual), the spelling on the number and says the number out loud to hear how it is pronounced.


GAMES: This feature provides games to learn the Cree numbers. It categorizes the games from easy-hard.


QUIZZES: This feature provides quizzes to practice the Cree numbers. The quizzes include listening, speaking and reading.

I thought it would be hard to learn the numbers but after practising over and over, it is actually quite easy. I decided to create a video of me writing and saying each number. You can watch the video here.

These are the numbers included in the video.
1- pêyak
2- nîso
3- nisto
4- nêwo
5- niyânan
6- nikotwâsik
7- têpakohp
8- ayinânêw
9- kêkâ-mitâtaht
10- mitâtaht

I was so excited that I had learned the numbers 1-10 in Cree that I just had to share with others. I came across this Cree Number Song on youtube and basically listened to it over and over until I was able to sing it….decently at least (I’m not a very good singer, but preschoolers don’t know that, so shhh!). During circle time at my work, I taught them the Cree number song. For actions we used our hands and held up the number of fingers that we were singing. We all has SO much fun!! Unfortunately due to privacy regulations, I can not show a video of us as a group singing the song. I did however get a co-worker to take a small time lapse of myself doing the song so that will have to do!


Thanks for reading! Follow along for more Language Learning!




Introducing niya (me)!

EDTC 300, Learning Project


When I began this learning project I knew it wasn’t going to be easy…and so far, it has NOT been easy! Learning a new language takes a lot of time, effort, concentration, practice and patience.

This week I have been doing a lot of research to find different online sources to learn the Cree Language. Sounds easy right? Well no. My first thoughts were to download a bunch of “language apps” and play around with them until I decided which one I liked best. I did just that , and guess what…NON of the common language apps have the Cree Language!!! I downloaded Duolingo, Babble, and Rosetta Stone and there was nothing! I did some more digging on the internet trying to find online sources and I did eventually find some specific Cree Language apps.

cree app1I will link all of the Apps here:

Maskwacis Cree

Online Cree Dictionary

FHQ Cree

ATC Cree

Manitoba Cree

As I continue to learn Cree, I will most likely narrow down which App I like to use best once I get more familiar with each of them. Most of them provide the English word, Cree word, a picture, and a read aloud.

I find learning a new language is very difficult, especially Cree because most words are significantly longer then English words. I don’t know anyone who speaks fluent Cree, so I decided to register myself in a Cree course at the University to supplement this learning process. By doing this, it provides me with additional practice, help and I am able to ask questions if needed. I have also been watching youtube videos and using Quizlet to help practice the language.

Lately, I have been practicing a “basic introduction” about myself.  You can watch my video here.

The following is what I am saying in the video:

tānsi Sarah nitisiyihkāson (Hello my name is Sarah)
ēkwa North End ohci niya (and I am from the North End)
ēkwa Regina niwīkin mēkwāc (and I live in Regina right now)
okiskinwahamâkan ōma niya ōta… (I am a student here…)
…kihchi – kiskinwahamātowikamikohk (…at the University)
kiya māka? (and you?)

I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to document my learning. This is the very first video I’ve ever made – I promise I will improve my video making skills throughout the semester!!! (Any tips and tricks for making videos are always welcome LOL).


Stay tuned for more Language Learning!


Let the Language Learning Begin!

EDTC 300, Learning Project

Hello!…or shall I say tânisi!

For my Learning Project, I have decided to learn a new language. What language you may ask? CREE! and I am SO excited! I have never learnt another language before besides some French classes in elementary school.

I don’t want to learn Cree “just because”. I want to learn Cree to not only benefit me, but to benefit my students. I currently work at an Early Learning Centre with most children coming from Indigenous backgrounds. Language is a huge part of identity. My goal is to learn the basics of the Cree Language and be able to teach it to my students. I am very excited for my journey in learning a new language and I hope that you will follow along with me!

I am learning the Cree language from scratch. In other words, I am a “beginner”. I plan to start with the basics. A few goals I would ideally like to accomplish are:

  • basic phrases for everyday life
  • counting
  • days of the week/months
  • songs
  • food
  • basic sentences (verbal and written)
  • be able to read a children book in Cree

hello my name is sarah

To begin my project, I have been researching different online sources that I will use to learn the language. So far, I have been browsing YouTube and also came across this article which led me to the Cree Language Translator.

I plan to document my learning through videos for everyone to follow along with my progress. Stay tuned!