Summary of Learning: Project Update

Cree 100

One month into the semester already!!!! WOW – time sure flies when your having fun learning a new language!

For Cree 100, the Major Project is to create a product demonstrating our summary of learning. When I think of “summary of learning”, I think about my journey throughout the whole semester. I don’t just want to count to ten and call it a day, I want to show everything that I have done as this is all new to me. I want to be able to look back and see how much I have learned over the past couple of months. With that being said, I plan to document what I learn each week.

I have a basic outline of what I want to create for this project. So far each week, as I work on Cree, I have been documenting what I work on via video. I take little video clips here and there. My plan is to take these small video clips from the whole semester and combine them to create a final  “summary of learning” video.

I currently take my videos with my iPhone and it seems to work just fine. I have not yet done any research/decided on what type of technology I will use to put my video all together. SUGGESTIONS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!!

I look forward to seeing my learning throughout the semester as well as everyone else’s who are joining me on this journey of learning the Cree Language!


Cree 100: Assignment 1 Video Response

Cree 100

QUESTION: After watching the video, what are your thoughts on ownership and how does this topic of ownership of living and non-living things play in your personal life? Maybe sharing an experience perhaps.

Prior to watching this video, I had never really thought about ownership. I assumed ownership referred to something I own or something that is mine such as personal belongings (clothes, car, laptop, etc.).

After watching this video, it really opened my perspective on “ownership”. Ownership isn’t necessarily a positive thing. Often times people take what they own for granted. This video really shows how powerful language really is. The words “my” or “mine” hold so much power and this video revealed that. April gave the example of family: using the phrase “my mom” is not ownership, but rather a relationship or connect with something or someone.  Creating connections with the world around us is much more important than having ownership of something. As April mentioned, we were all born as a clean slate and through experiences we form key concepts that remain with us for the rest of our lives. We can build off of these experiences to connect to the world around us.

Cree 100 Introduction

Cree 100

Hello everyone, my name is Sarah Bahr. I was born and raised here in Regina, Saskatchewan.

When I first came to the University of Regina, I was enrolled in the faculty of Social Work. After two years, I decided it wasn’t for me. From there I attended Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Early Childhood Education Program. I now hold a Level 3 certification in Early Childhood Education and have 4+ years experience working with children from 6 weeks to 12 years old.

I am now enrolled in the Pre-K to 5 program here at the University to further my education. My career goal is to teach in a pre-kindergarten classroom.

I look forward to taking this class and learning more about the Cree language. I hope to share my new learnings with my future students.