Team Work Makes The Dream Work

EDTC 300

A huge part of teacher education is collaboration. Working as a team allows for shared ideas and resources. Throughout this class I contributed to the learning of others in many ways.


Twitter allowed me to share, respond, and engage with many people. I used twitter to tweet, reply, use particular hashtags, retweet and ask questions.

Tweets: I tweeted numerous times over the semester; sharing articles, resources, ideas, thoughts and opinions.

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Responses: Throughout the semester I responded to others tweets to engage in conversation.

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Asking Questions: I used Twitter to ask others for help in my own work as well as for others to see as well.

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Blog: I tweeted throughout the semester regarding my blog posts and learning project.

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Twitter Chats: I participated in 3 twitter chats throughout the semester. Coincidentally, all three were completely different from each other.  Each twitter chat allowed me to share ideas and hear others perspectives on different topics, along with building my PLN.

#SaskEdChat was a prompt based chat

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#nt2t was a questioned based chat

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#kinderchat was a create and share based chat

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A major component of this class was blogging. Blog posts included weekly prompts, learning project posts and building our blogs to represent who we are.

Responding to others: Along with our own personal blogging, it was important to share ideas, opinions, suggestions and comments on our classmates blogs as well.

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Educational Resources: On my blog, I also created a resources page. There isn’t much on there as this is my first year back at school, but I will continue to add content.

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I hope that my tweets, blogs, comments, etc. helped others learn as much as I learned others! I am extremely glad I took this class and had the opportunity to share, collaborate and build my PLN!



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