Living in a Digital World

EDTC 300

Today we live in a world that revolves around technology.

When I was born, that was not the case. For the first couple of years of my life, technology wasn’t a huge part of mine and my family’s life besides the radio and our landline telephone. The internet had been introduced to the world, but we did not have access to it until I was a few years old. I didn’t even have a digital footprint when I was born!!! What is a digital footprint you may ask? It’s basically an online identity; information and pictures about a particular person that are posted online.

Technology is A LOT different in the world today than it was 25 years ago. As learnt in our lecture, 34% of children have a digital footprint BEFORE they are even born. I see this happening online all of the time. People post ultrasound pictures, create hashtags for their child, and even create their child a personal Instagram account…before they are even born!!! Children are now born into having numerous amounts of photos and information about them posted online, without having a say in it. And if children aren’t born with an existing digital footprint, 92% have one by the time they are a toddler. Crazy how things change over time!

There is a tremendous amount of new technology emerging in our world so quickly. One example I’ll share is the evolution of my cellphone. Within 10 years, I went from a phone with a tiny screen and t9 texting to a very large, full touch screen, portrait mode camera cell phone.


LG Rumor –> BlackBerry Curve –> iPhone 4 –>   iPhone 5 –> iPhone 7 plus


Nowadays, children are exposed to WAY more of a digital world then just the kind of cell phone they have. There has been a large change in our world…now there are millions of new devices, websites and apps to access everywhere, all of the time. In the video “An Anthropological Introduction to Youtube”, Michael Wesch discusses the evolving world of technology. He talks about the internet allowing for new forms of expression and identity, to connect with others in ways we haven’t been able to before and new forms of empowerment, community, strong voices and new possibilities. Michael Wesch says that “we are in the center of this media”. He thinks that “Media is not content; media are not tools of communication, but media as media mediating relationships…when media changes, human relationships change”.

In terms of education, I think that the evolving world of technology is beneficial in the classroom when used purposefully. There are so many beneficially edtech tools for lesson planning, classroom management, learning databases and educational games for students. One thing to note from our lecture though, is that children aged five to sixteen spend an average of six and a half hours in front of a screen each day. With that being said, 59% of kids under the age of 10 have social networking accounts such a Facebook and Instagram. This is somewhat worrisome to me because these children are still so young. I think that technology in the classroom is a great way to learn, but it needs to be used properly and not be over used as most children use technology all of the time at home as well.

Technology is an extremely important part of our lives as we all use it for basically everything nowadays. With that being said, I’m 100% guilty for being on my phone way too often. Sometimes is hard to take a break from technology when so much of our lives are intertwined with it. I use my phone for education, personal and social purposes all throughout the day. Lately, I do feel I need to cut back so I have been monitoring my screen time daily.


Overall I think our changed world of technology has positives and negatives in our lives. It’s important to understand how to use technology and ways in which it will benefit you. I have recently leant so much about the digital world and have found many resources that work for me…one being blogging! I’m loving it!


3 thoughts on “Living in a Digital World

  1. I really enjoy that you added so many photos and used personal connections with this post! I can really relate to your cell-phone evolution timeline. I started off in the cell-world 10 years ago as well. I went from having a LG Voyager -> LG Rumour -> Samsung Galaxy 2 -> Samsung Galaxy 4 -> Samsung Galaxy 6 -> Samsung Galaxy 8 (can you tell I’m a die hard fan of Samsung haha). It’s just crazy to think of the difference between my Galaxy 2 and my 8. The screen quality, the amount of (useful) apps, just so much more advanced in general.
    There are also people from where I am from that start posting and creating a digital footprint for their child before they baby is even born! I’m kind of on the fence about this because it is (in a way) a digital photo album. Thinking of it, not many people my age that I know have an actual physical photo album that contains photo’s from the last few years, all of their photos are online on either Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.


  2. I think it’s crazy that people make social media accounts for their new born babies! That’s always been a big thing for me! I just don’t get it… Nice post, Sarah. I think you’ve done a good job sharing the pros and cons of a technology driven society. You’re right, we’ve made serious leaps in recent years. What does the next decade hold?


  3. That is crazy how 34% of kids have a digital footprint before they are even born. That is a big percentage for a group of people that aren’t walking on this world yet. I love the way you showed the evolution of technology from when you started with a LG Rumor and the steps you took to get to an iPhone 7 plus. It is actually crazy how fast new technology is developed! Good job!


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