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Oh Twitter  …the best way to discover whats happening in the world right now.

I’ve had a Twitter account since I was probably 14 years old. For the longest time, I thought  Twitter’s main purpose was for sharing things like memes  and funny quotes. But who knew Twitter was such a useful learning tool?!? Twitter can be used for so many educational purposes that I’ve never even thought of. One purpose of Twitter is for TWITTER CHATS!

What is a Twitter chat you ask? Well let me tell you!!! (I just learnt about 5 days ago LOL).

A Twitter chat is a public conversation around a particular hashtag. You can follow the discussion based on the hashtag and participate in the conversation. Twitter chats allow people to connect with one another regarding a particular topic.

This week, I participated in my VERY FIRST Twitter Chat. To participate in the chat, I used Tweet Deck to help organize my tweets and assist in engaging in real- time conversations. For my first Twitter Chat, I chose one that seemed pretty popular to the education community which is the one and only #saskedchat.

My initial thought was “I have no idea what I’m doing!!!!” but quite honestly, it went way better than expected. The chat was from 8:00-9:00pm. At first I thought that it was going to be so long but it ended up going so quickly and it was done before I knew it. The topic for the chat was Student Growth. For this chat, there were ten prompts.  It went something like this: When I say:_______ You Say:_______

I will post photo’s of my chat here:

sec intro






At the beginning of the chat I felt nervous. I thought “what if I don’t know the answer” or “what is someone judges what I say”…but that was not the case. Everyone was beyond welcoming in the chat. Everyone supported everyone. It was so nice to discuss Student Growth with many amazing educators. Twitter chats are a great way to discuss with one another about a particular topic. It provides a place to collaborate with other educators, to ask questions and learn new things.

I look forward to participating in more Twitter Chats in the near future. If you have any suggestions, send them my way!

sec final







5 thoughts on “Tweet Tweet

  1. I’m glad your first experience with a twitter chat was a good one. I remember doing my first Twitter chat and feeling the same way — super nervous! But you’re right! In my experience everyone is very open and supportive. One chat I’ve been meaning to be a part of is the 8:22 chat every morning. It sounds short, sweet, and to the point for people with a busy schedule!


  2. Thank you for sharing your experience Sarah! I really loved the photos you included of your chat questions and responses, it looked like a really fun way to have conversation without that pressure of “needing a ‘right’ answer”. I also felt very nervous when I began my first twitter chat, but really enjoyed the conversation and networking in the end.


  3. I remember feeling super nervous for my first Twitter chat! And just like you, everyone in the chat is so welcoming and supportive. It makes you wonder why you were even nervous in the first place haha. It is such a great way to connect with people within the education career, you learn so much! You do such a good job at giving your readers a visual representation of what you are writing about! Nicely done!!!


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