nisto (3) …nîso (2) …pêyak (1) …GO!!!

EDTC 300, Learning Project


This week I am learning TO COUNT IN CREE!!! YUPEEE!

This is something I really wanted to learn because its something that can be used in every day life. This week I used the Cree FHQTC App to learn the numbers in Cree. This App is extremely helpful as it provides many different features to assist with language learning.

Here are some of the features that assisted me in learning numbers:


Cree FHQTC: Numbers


LEARN: This feature provides the number (visual), the spelling on the number and says the number out loud to hear how it is pronounced.


GAMES: This feature provides games to learn the Cree numbers. It categorizes the games from easy-hard.


QUIZZES: This feature provides quizzes to practice the Cree numbers. The quizzes include listening, speaking and reading.

I thought it would be hard to learn the numbers but after practising over and over, it is actually quite easy. I decided to create a video of me writing and saying each number. You can watch the video here.

These are the numbers included in the video.
1- pêyak
2- nîso
3- nisto
4- nêwo
5- niyânan
6- nikotwâsik
7- têpakohp
8- ayinânêw
9- kêkâ-mitâtaht
10- mitâtaht

I was so excited that I had learned the numbers 1-10 in Cree that I just had to share with others. I came across this Cree Number Song on youtube and basically listened to it over and over until I was able to sing it….decently at least (I’m not a very good singer, but preschoolers don’t know that, so shhh!). During circle time at my work, I taught them the Cree number song. For actions we used our hands and held up the number of fingers that we were singing. We all has SO much fun!! Unfortunately due to privacy regulations, I can not show a video of us as a group singing the song. I did however get a co-worker to take a small time lapse of myself doing the song so that will have to do!


Thanks for reading! Follow along for more Language Learning!





8 thoughts on “nisto (3) …nîso (2) …pêyak (1) …GO!!!

  1. Hi Sarah,

    It looks like you’ve had a lot of practice so far with your language learning. I think it’s pretty cool that you were able to find yourself a good app to supplement your learning. One thing that I found during my learning project in EDTC 300 was a lack of external feedback which made it hard to know if I was as correct as I could be. Meaning that I didn’t have someone sitting with me saying “that was good, try doing this [insert adjustment] next time.” Do you find the same thing at all?


  2. Yes, I’ve been practicing quite a bit – it’s a lot more work then I thought it would be that’s forsure! I do find it difficult at times not knowing if I’m saying the words correctly and not having someone to correct me like you mentioned which adds some stress and frustration, but I’m happy with my progress so far!


  3. This post brought me back to CREE 100 in my first year at the University. I remember using that youtube exact song to learn to count and having it stuck in my head for weeks! Learning a new language is so ambitious and you have come so far already! It’s so neat that you are already using this learning project with kids. Counting in Cree is definitely something you could take with you into the classroom.


  4. Hi Sarah!

    What an AMAZING app!! It is so brave of you to take on a new language, but I am thrilled to see that you have found resources to assist you. I love how technology is able to bridge these gaps for us. I look forward to reading more about how your journey into Cree is going! I have been looking into taking a course, because I am scared to attempt to learn on my own.


  5. Awesome job so far! I really enjoy reading your posts because they are organized, visually appealing, and full of information! Thanks for sharing your resources! I am going to download that app too.


  6. Your posts are so eye catching!! I really like how many pictures of the app you put on this blog. It gives readers a very good visual of the app, and you linked the app for us!! Smart move! You are doing great at learning cree and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us next! Good job!


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