Thank goodness for FEEDLY!

EDTC 300

Who knew there was something so great, such as Feedly! Well, I sure didn’t. To be honest, I didn’t even know what “RRS” stood for until just recently. I actually googled what it means so incase anyone reading this has no idea what I’m talking about, “RRS” means…Really Simple Syndication OR Rich Site Summary. WHO KNEW! Or maybe I’m the one out of the loop. Anyways, I got a Feedly account and it is a life saver. All this time, I found it so time consuming to look around for articles or blogs pertaining to specific topics. With Feedly, I am able to choose categories that interest me and all the content is right in front of me. Its GREAT!

Since getting a Feedly account, I have browsed around the website quite a bit to get familiar with it. I also got the App as it is more convenient. I chose what I was going to follow based on what I am interested in. Three of my main interests for finding content included Technology, Education and Early Learning as that is my primary focus in school.

When browsing through different blogs/sources, I looked at the title, number of followers and how many articles were posted per week for each. These specific things provided a starting point for choosing what to add to my feed. For example, if the title was good but there is only 1 post per week and 25  followers, I wasn’t sure that it would be a great source to follow. Once I found sources with a intriguing title, numerous followers and posts, I began to look at the articles within that source. By reading through the titles within a specific source I was able to determine if it was something that would be useful to add to my feed and benefit me as an educator. Now, with that being said…I am a very indecisive person so I added quite a few to my feed because, well, I just couldn’t choose!! Throughout the next while, I will be able to decide which sources are the most beneficial.

I will list my feed here:

EdTech Magazine: K – 12
 Education Week
Educational Technology
 Free Technology for Teachers
How We Montessori
Living Montessori Now
Mindshift KQED
Mrs. Wills Kindergarten
No Time For Flash Cards 
Teach Preschool 
Teach Thought
Ted Blog
Education Week: Technology 

feedly feed1

As mentioned, I chose my content based on my main interests relating to my journey in becoming a educator. A few of the sources that really stood out to me where Teach Preschool, Mindshift KQED and Educational Technology.

Teach Preschool provided many educational articles and activities focusing on early childhood education. It has a blog as well as provides resources relating to literacy, art, STEM, sensory skills, motor skills and classroom development.  The content on this website will be beneficial for myself as an educator as well as for my future students and their learning.



MindShift KQED provides many educational articles relating to the health and well being of teachers, students and their learning. Im exciting to continuing reading from this source!



Educational Technology seems to be a great resource as it provides educational web tools and apps for educators. Since I am not very “techy”, I think this resource will be very helpful for me in trying to incorporate technology in the classroom.




All in all, I think I will learn a lot from many of these online sources. If anyone reading this checks out any of the ones I have listed above, let me know your thoughts! Like I said earlier, thank goodness for Feedly!!!



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