Introducing niya (me)!

EDTC 300, Learning Project


When I began this learning project I knew it wasn’t going to be easy…and so far, it has NOT been easy! Learning a new language takes a lot of time, effort, concentration, practice and patience.

This week I have been doing a lot of research to find different online sources to learn the Cree Language. Sounds easy right? Well no. My first thoughts were to download a bunch of “language apps” and play around with them until I decided which one I liked best. I did just that , and guess what…NON of the common language apps have the Cree Language!!! I downloaded Duolingo, Babble, and Rosetta Stone and there was nothing! I did some more digging on the internet trying to find online sources and I did eventually find some specific Cree Language apps.

cree app1I will link all of the Apps here:

Maskwacis Cree

Online Cree Dictionary

FHQ Cree

ATC Cree

Manitoba Cree

As I continue to learn Cree, I will most likely narrow down which App I like to use best once I get more familiar with each of them. Most of them provide the English word, Cree word, a picture, and a read aloud.

I find learning a new language is very difficult, especially Cree because most words are significantly longer then English words. I don’t know anyone who speaks fluent Cree, so I decided to register myself in a Cree course at the University to supplement this learning process. By doing this, it provides me with additional practice, help and I am able to ask questions if needed. I have also been watching youtube videos and using Quizlet to help practice the language.

Lately, I have been practicing a “basic introduction” about myself.  You can watch my video here.

The following is what I am saying in the video:

tānsi Sarah nitisiyihkāson (Hello my name is Sarah)
ēkwa North End ohci niya (and I am from the North End)
ēkwa Regina niwīkin mēkwāc (and I live in Regina right now)
okiskinwahamâkan ōma niya ōta… (I am a student here…)
…kihchi – kiskinwahamātowikamikohk (…at the University)
kiya māka? (and you?)

I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to document my learning. This is the very first video I’ve ever made – I promise I will improve my video making skills throughout the semester!!! (Any tips and tricks for making videos are always welcome LOL).


Stay tuned for more Language Learning!



5 thoughts on “Introducing niya (me)!

  1. Way to go for picking a new language for your learning project!!! I really enjoyed your YouTube video 🙂 I made a video once for my learning project and I had no idea what I was doing! Yours was way better than mine so you’re doing great so far! I cannot wait to see the progress that you will make throughout this semester. You mentioned in the blog that you were watching YouTube videos to help with the learning process.. maybe in your next learning project blog you can link the videos you were watching! Good luck with learning Cree! You can do it!!


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