Let the Language Learning Begin!

EDTC 300, Learning Project

Hello!…or shall I say tânisi!

For my Learning Project, I have decided to learn a new language. What language you may ask? CREE! and I am SO excited! I have never learnt another language before besides some French classes in elementary school.

I don’t want to learn Cree “just because”. I want to learn Cree to not only benefit me, but to benefit my students. I currently work at an Early Learning Centre with most children coming from Indigenous backgrounds. Language is a huge part of identity. My goal is to learn the basics of the Cree Language and be able to teach it to my students. I am very excited for my journey in learning a new language and I hope that you will follow along with me!

I am learning the Cree language from scratch. In other words, I am a “beginner”. I plan to start with the basics. A few goals I would ideally like to accomplish are:

  • basic phrases for everyday life
  • counting
  • days of the week/months
  • songs
  • food
  • basic sentences (verbal and written)
  • be able to read a children book in Cree

hello my name is sarah

To begin my project, I have been researching different online sources that I will use to learn the language. So far, I have been browsing YouTube and also came across this article which led me to the Cree Language Translator.

I plan to document my learning through videos for everyone to follow along with my progress. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Let the Language Learning Begin!

  1. I agree with “language being a big part of identity” and its importance in students’ lives! I think that being able to communicate, even slightly, in a child’s first language will help build great working relationships with the students and their families!


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