Sarah takes on BLOGGING!

EDTC 300

To start off, I should mention that this is my first year back at the University. I haven’t been in school for a couple of years so lets just say my educational technology experiences are limited. Due to this being my first year in the Faculty of Education, I have yet to have had a placement in a school classroom to observe what types of technology is used within schools. Later on in the semester I will be able to come back to this and add in some of my experiences from my field placements.

I currently work at an early learning centre for children 6 weeks to 5 years old. Educational technology isn’t used much in this setting as the programs focus is on play based learning. What I am familiar with though are some websites/Apps to stay in contact with the families. We currently use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to showcase what the children do each day. We also use the Remind App which allows for quick communication between us and the parents. For the younger children we use the App called HiMama which allows us to document the children throughout the day while parents are at work. It allows us to document things such as food, bathroom, sleep and developmental milestones.

This is my first ever blog and let me just say I’m actually REALLY enjoying it. I have had zero experience with blogging until this semester. This semester I have to blog for three of my classes so learning how to properly create a blog came in very handy…thank you Katia! Im looking forward to using my blog to allow myself to be more creative, as well as a better thinker and writer. I think blogging will really assist me with my educational journey. A big part of being an educator is collaboration and sharing ideas. I look forward to doing this through my blog.

As previously mentioned,I have never blogged until now…but I have consistently followed a particular blogger for many many years. Though she has nothing to do with the educational aspect of things, I follow her blog based on my hobbies/likes/interests such as fashion, travel, and home decor. This blogger is the one and only Jillian Harris!!! When I think of blogging, I think of Jillian. Her blog always has great content, pictures and new ideas. Though my blog will be education based, I hope to create great content for my fellow colleagues just as Jillian does for her followers.

happy blogging

Not only can you follow my journey on here, but also on twitter @missbahr and Instagram MissSarahBahr.


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